Peter Banki

Peter Banki (Australia)

Peter Banki, Ph.D. is an artist, scholar and community organiser. From 2016-2028 he produced the Festival of Death and Dying in Sydney and Melbourne. Since 2011, he has organised events with Erotic Living. He is also the author of The Forgiveness To Come: the Holocaust and the Hyper-ethical (New York: Fordham University Press, 2018), based on his Ph.D. research in the Department of German at New York University.

The Invasion of Memory

Durational – performance

Sometimes when you sit alone, memories come to you. What do you do with them? They impact you. Can you share them?

In this performance we will sit and remember and share. We will give hospitality to the memories that come.

Wed 24 Aug, 11am (durational) – Baboon House

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