Pei Tong

Pei Tong (Malaysia/UK)

Born in Malaysia, settled in Liverpool, UK. Now, a choreographer, dancer & teacher and co director of Movema for past 12years. My practice focused on exploring my Chinese heritage & mixed cultural identity, developing Chinese contemporary dance movement & multi disciplinary practice including visual art, physical theatre, improvisation, combined arts & interactive performance. Worked nationally & internationally, choreographed both community & professional work, collaborated with local established artists, companies & taught masterclasses in Chinese contemporary dance.

Crisis Emptiness

(15 mins) – performance

Crisis? What crisis? When? Who? Me?????

I deal with them so well that I don’t remember anymore. It Must have been hidden so well, so deep. I feel NOTHING! I call it ‘Crisis emptiness’. Is white as a piece of A4 paper, a defined rectangular shape with 4 angles. It looks innocent but cold. It feels pure but deep and infinite at the same time. I embraced present! The little me inside has been forgotten. This work will explore how trauma and crisis has body memory that is ingrained in our daily movement. We are all carrying this along our way. I am ready to listen, feel, accept, embrace……

 Now is the time.

Sat 27 Aug, NIGHT – 7.15pm Baboon House