Mohd Asnari Taim

Mohd Asnari Taim (Malaysia)

He was born and raised in Kota Belud, Sabah. When he was a child, He began dabbling in the field of dance art. His involvement in the dance art field was influenced by his late grandfather, who was a dancer from Indonesia. He began to be active at the tender age of 16 and has continued to this day. Because of his strong passion in this field, he continued his studies in the Creative Arts programme, majoring in Dance at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in 2014. He received a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (CreativeArts) degree and completed his Master of Arts in Creative Arts (Ethnochoreology). He is now furthering his studies to the level of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the field of Culture and Dance Symbol Communication Analysis. He is currently serving as a dance teacher at Sabah Malaysian School of Arts (SSeMS).


(15 mins) – performance

“If you want to shine brightly, You don’t have to extinguish others’ flames, Share your fiery flames, So the world can be dazzlingly bright”

ONLINE LIVE-CAST – Wed 24 Aug 8.00pm

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