Mic Guillaumes

Mic Guillaumes (France)

From his 72 years of life and 67 years of dance, it is impossible for Mic Guillaumes to define in a few words. “I will say one, I Dancer. The base of me is Dance, which to me is an architectural Dance. What makes me vibrate is Dance. I think, I look and I see, I enjoy life, human relationships and all relationships with the Dance world. I speak and write; I shout, through dance. My emotions of everyday life or are led by a Love-Dance. My brain and my heart are irrigated through dance. I walk through dance. I think walking is the most beautiful dance and more complex”.

Mic Guillaumes was born in Saigon in the late 1940s. His whole family was in Asia at the time. He explains as having “a form of affiliation with Asia.” Yet it is when it arrives in France, at age 5, he starts dancing.”Because I was a bad student,” he says with a smile. This boy cannot sit all day or take a nap in the afternoon. He prefers to go frolicking on the mountain at whose foot-ground he lives. There he begins to dance with choreographer J. Robinson; follower of German Expressionism. Mic Guillaumes takes dance classes also outside of school, and he never stops.


« Est ce ma faute… la pluie »

“Is it my fault…. the rain “

(20 mins) – performance

I was born out of a breakup.

Then came the breakups.

I am made of additions and subtractions.

I was born under the bombs.

The grass is green.

But it is forbidden to walk on the lawn.

Paradise is already lost.

I ran towards the street, towards the city, towards the world, towards others.

I opened my hands.

Sat 27 Aug, NIGHT – 9.30pm Baboon House

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