Lim Paik Yin

Lim Paik Yin (Malaysia)

Lim Paik Yin (b. 1980) is a visual anthropologist and interdisciplinary artist working on research projects that intersects art and anthropology. Her experience working as a photo researcher cultivated an interest in the semiotics of images and its cultural representations. This has led to furthering her studies in Visual and Media Anthropology at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, Freie Universität, Berlin (2017- 2021). Her thesis research intersects art and anthropology with a focus on collaboration and the various mediums of presenting and transmitting knowledge. Her photography and films has been presented in Germany, India, Ireland, Finland, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, & Spain. She has facilitated labs and workshops in festivals and artist residencies in South East Asia.

Recollections of a Rainforest

(15 mins) – performance

This improvisation explores the post-effects of the body in movement from jungle to urban city