Kiki Ando

Kiki Ando (Japan)

Kiki was born in Numazu City, Japan and works across textile, ceramics, performance, and design.

In 2004 Kiki moved to Melbourne and lived in art studio space and gallery The Foundry and completed an Advanced Diploma in fashion design at Melbourne School of Fashion. In 2007 she moved to Berlin exploring fashion design, From 2015, Kiki started visiting Southeast Asia to do arts projects bringing Asian perspectives to her interdisciplinary practice, collecting materials and exploring new ideas. She is inspired by natural environments, mountains ,seas, flowers ,Japanese culture, future SF, Buddhist and Shinto spiritualities, feminism and Asian/western philosophies and aesthetics.

Changing Poison into Medicine

(20 mins) – performance

Within me lies a poison, carried since my birth. At times it appeared beautiful, enchanting, its worth. Yet this poison, at times, inflicted immense pain. For I knew not how to handle it, its domain. Now is the time, if this poison can transform. Into a healing remedy, a power to perform. Becoming a skilled physician takes time. And I, too, have learned to manage the poison’s chime. Through trials and hardships, the poison did sting, But I have the ability to turn suffering into a joyful thing. With this power, I blend potions anew, Transforming poison into medicine, through and through.

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