Kiki Ando

Kiki Ando (Japan)

Originally from Japan, Kiki Ando is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artists. Her strong interests and passions on fashion led her to stay fashion design, Her label called “l love my kunt” and her style of design were extremely quirky and ‘outsider’ of the arts and fashion back then. She started integrating her visual art practices and performing art while lived and work at foundry art gallery ,Kiki moved to Berlin to explore on fashion, music and movie costumes in collaboration with Berlin based electronic pop band, ‘Private Posh Club’. Kiki came back to Melbourne in 2009 and worked for Rearview gallery in Collingwood. She also designed costumes for theater, visual arts, music. Now Kiki practice body movement and Butoh 2016 solo performance piece “burning out high fashion” at Pelem Festival in Pacitan and 2017“mermaid” at BIAF in indonesia also ‘nightmare of lantern’ at MAP Festival in Melaka. 2018 Butohout festival Melbourne,Malaca festival, Bangkok map, Pelemfestival 2019 Melbourne mapping ,dance at Butohout festival Melbourne, Today she continues to explore multi-disciplinary artistic outputs through costume and pottery- making and physical performance