Jessi Ryan

Jessi Ryan (Australia)

Jessi Ryan has been creating performance and visuals art for the past twenty years. Based in Naarm – Melbourne, they have also presented work across Australia and internationally. Their most recent self devised work Death And The Discotheque was presented to sell out audiences and critical acclaim in January 2022.

For the past ten years, they have also been writing for a number of publications as a critic, news journalist and editor. They are inspired by nights out, lost on the dance floor, walks of shame, and the natural world which surrounds.

Little Ruckus

(20 mins) – performance

In this new world- could it be the smallest of commotions that make the biggest waves? Little Ruckus explores how one person can create moments of pause and reflection, and how through performance- one can also break the shackles of who we are often forced to become, or more often we force ourselves to become.

Fri 26 Aug NIGHT – 8.30pm Warehouse

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