Ezra Demchy

Ezra Demchy (Australia)

Ezra is a multifaceted musician from Castlemaine who brings a fresh and creative perspective to all his performances. An experienced viola player and guitarist with the ability to improvise alongside dancers and actors, his intuitive approach makes him a unique talent to experience.

Ezra was a featured musician in MAP Festival Melaka 2019 (Malaysia) performing alongside Tony Yap Company dancers. He recently preformed in Roman Flowers play The Fly in the Ointment at LaMama theatre’s War-Rak Banksia festival. His band Nadia and the Girlfriends were featured in Melbourne Music Week 2021. They regularly perform in Melbourne and have played alongside artists such as Dallas Woods.



(15-20) – performance

a focus on individual emotive responses. what drives our anger, sadness or joy. what separates us from ego on a scale of vibrations alone? electrons, photons and memories are what my music aims to play.

Sat 27 Aug, DAYTIME – 2.30pm Baboon House

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