Dan Wei

Dan Wei (China/Australia)

I am a Chinese-Australian contemporary artist who makes installations, performances and drawings. Having worked with children for several years as a teacher, I have come to appreciate imagination, childlikeness and play which is infused into all the art I create. I use digital technology to create interactive installations to invite people to play and explore. Creativity, nature, art and technology are prominent schemes of my co-making workshops I facilitate for children. Inspired by nature, surrealism and magic realism, my work brings a nuance of poetry and curiosity to life that sometimes seems mundane and tragic. My performance is sensual and contemplative and shares my belief that now more than ever there is a need for this embodied feminine energy these qualities represent to be restored at both the individual and collective level. Importantly, I make art to provide a voice to underrepresented people in society, whether it be girls interested in pursuing STEM careers or women and disappearing folk and indigenous culture in a post-colonial era. My artwork involves projection and video art. Examples include Kaleidoscope, which exhibited in New York City 2016, and Tadpoles Looking For Mama, shown in Melbourne 2019, and a series of videos made during lockdown this year which can all be found on my website.https://danweipeony.weebly.com


Manifestations of jealousy

(20 mins) – performance

An improv performance responding to the stimulus of the nature through deep listening, followed by a video art of 20 mins. After living in the oldest continually living rainforest in the world for a few months recently, my world has expanded-more poetry, songs and dance initiated by trees, shadow, flowing water, a lively world. Let the Self-loathing of my broken body meet the bodies of yours, fallen leaves, fermenting seeds, caressed by warm breeze, then become bodies of ours, held perfectly by the sky and the earth. This human body has been battling with a diagnosis of Arthritis, suffering 70% loss of movement in her arms. How would this body of mine dance with yours? How will our bodies merge?

Sat 20 Nov – 10 am