Cy Gorman

Cy Gorman (Australia)

As the founder and director of Nurobodi Wellbeing Cy’s formal training and studies includes a Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition and a Melbourne University scholarship funded Postgraduate Dip. of Interdisciplinary Design. Cy was awarded the University of Melbourne postgrad mentorship for Digital Sound Design and production. In 2017 he was awarded the Asia Pacific ‘Ci2017 Human Intelligence 2.0’ Scholarship to launch and present Nurobodi at the Ci2017 Conference in Melbourne. Underpinning Cy’s innovative technical training is over 12 years of embodied practice converging Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practices, holistic Qi Gong theory and practices with integrated Sound and Lighting/Colour designing for the wellbeing of humans and the environments they inhabit. Cy’s Qi Gong studies includes practical and theoretical instruction from the late Professor Wong (Wu Gong) and 8 years of training with Jared Osbourne (Qi Gong) including Embodiment Academy Qi Gong certification in ‘Mastering Presence’ and ‘Golden Body Qi Gong’. As a progressive holistic health & wellbeing practitioner Cy Gorman is formally recognised as an executive member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies for his wellbeing work with sound, light/colour & Qi Gong.