Aziz Amri

Aziz Amri (Indonesia)

Aziz Amri (born 1994, Jakarta) was raised in a diplomatic family that has been for almost his entire growing up years, moving from one country to another. As a result, Aziz passionately observes, studies and learns the cultures of the numerous communities he encounters. Aziz is interested in how the world is perceived and shaped through the eyes of the others rather than his. Using performance as his primary medium, he presents his body and presence as the white canvas while creates monster- like characters, humanoid or otherwise that are formed by costumes and materials as main visual elements. Furthermore, Aziz also translates his works with multimedia technologies by manipulating images and videos, presenting them into installations and designed products. The courage of using multimedia to create works was born when he achieved Master of Design from Institut Teknologi Bandung. He majored in digital media. Currently he lectures in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara while at the same time, co-runs Sepersepuluh, a performance based gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia.