Amandus Paul Panan

Amandus Paul Panan (Malaysia)

Amandus Paul Panan holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre and Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking from the Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. He was the past President of a Dance Association in UiTM and has performed in the Universities Stage, off-campus dance productions, local Musicals, as well as in international folklore festivals. As a Kadzandusun and having lived in a village in Kota Belud, he grew up steeped in culture and traditions of his environment, understanding the mystical beliefs of the people and the underlying threads of mysticism in the people’s way of life. He has translated these in his dances. Embodied with the experience of dancing various indigenous dances of Sabah, his forays into other dance genres including traditional Malay dances, contemporary dances, traditional Malay theatre as well as musical theatre, brought him into the realm of dance management when he became the Artistic Director of Anak Seni Production and Malaysia International Dance Organization (MIDO). Aman’s interest in promoting Malaysian culture through dances has taken him and Anak Seni Production to several international virtual festivals including Indonesia Mask Festival 2021, Solo International Performing Arts Festival 2021, Singapore’s Chingay Parade 2021, International Folklore Festival of Brazil – Children Edition 2021, and International Folklore Festival of Brazil 2021. His most recent work with Anak Seni Production and Anak Tari Jati Sabah was in Jangkar, which showcased 12 Contemporary dances piece inspired by indigenous traditions.

Jiwa Rebab

(15 mins) – performance

Jiwa Rebab is an experimental performance as therapeutic. Dance and Music Therapy uses movement and music to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Jiwa Rebab is an improvisation piece that can be symbolic and can represent unconscious material.

Sat 20 Nov – 5 pm