Sko’ Art

Sko’ Art (Indonesia)

M.ikhsan was born in Sumatra, Jambi, Indonesia. is a musician, composer and founder of sko’art production. He has a myriad of achievements and experiences in the field of traditional music.

Wise Azizah was born in Jambi, Indonesia. Wise is a dancer, choreographer, actor, and educator. Wise has various experiences in the field of creative, traditional and contemporary dance.

Rizka Berlianda was born in Jambi, Indonesia. A music student at Jambi University. and a musician, vocalist, and performer of traditional arts.

Bakulouk Rameh

(10 mins) – performance

Bakulouk Rameh is a contemporary dance and music creation inspired by women from the Kerinci tribe who are very privileged in their culture, family and society. Bakulouk Rameh is music and dance inspired by the lyrics of the Iyo Iyo dance, which is danced by women of the Kerinci tribe.

This work relies on musical elements from Iyo Iyo’s dance music and her chanting of poetry which describes the privileges of Kerinci women which are processed in a contemporary form by developing rhythmic and rhythmic patterns. and also inspired by traditional iyo iyo dance movements such as flying eagles which are developed in contemporary dance which depicts special gestures for Kerinci women