No WordsTable MusicUmarí (Find the balances)Pontianak

No Words

NO WORDS   Performer: Victoria Chiu   Synopsis: Exploration of growing up Chinese Australian, not being able to speak Chinese and not being literate in the Chinese language....
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Table Music

TABLE MUSIC   Performer: Dur-é Dara & Ren Walters   Synopsis: Table Music begins as a sonic conversation centred around a table, a meeting place, a place of ritual, of feeding, of nourishment....
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PONTIANAK   Performer: Lian Low, Elaine Foster, Melizarani T. Selva, Illya Sumanto, Sheena Baharudin, Kabbil Raaj   Synopsis: An international collaboration between Malaysian, British and Australian artists in a cross-disciplinary spoken word ensemble themed around 'queering identities' and subversion of sexual/gender norms and sensibilities told through revised ghost stories, myth and folklore specifically about women....
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