MARP – Malaysia Australia Raft Project

Performer: Anthony Pelchen, Kavisha Mazzella, Soong Ro Ger, Trevor Flinn, Tony Yap, Andy Lim Kah Meng, Frank Tagliabue, Robbie Millar, Alison Eggleton, Team INFEST and a cast of 200 sheep

Synopsis: An improvised cross cultural collective masquerading as collaboration, MARP began with an unauthorized 2012 raft journey into an endangered Malaysian rainforest, curiously ending up on the Wimmera River in southern Australia in 2013 and now back in Melaka as unofficial tent-less tent embassy.
MARP is a Hi-Vis, maroon meltdown of song, music, dance, cooking, painting, sewing, drawing and conversation… it’s a call to the Gods, and the owls, for reconciliation of the possibly irreconcilable and a celebration of those who we meet along the way.