Workshop Pod

Workshop Pod
- The Great Square
Open Workshop

“Great Square has no corners” – Lao Zi

What are the most fundamental impulses where movements originate?

In the empty space of a square a dancer is revealed through gravity, grace and restraint. While automatic psychophysical impulses arise from inhabited areas of self, resisting them evokes new kind of drives. We are interested in those drives, which are atonal, unknown, unbridled, exposing blockages, fears and abjection. Appropriated in a situation of “nowhere to hide” by a touch of graceful compassion, they become lines of poetry addressed to no one from no one.

The workshop process will incorporate:

> Trance focuses – pathways of induction

> In-mobility work – elasticity, stillness and cultivation of energy

> Concept of “drop”

Gravity and Grace – art of falling

Vertigo – repetitive exertion exercises


Book at:

15-19 November, All Sites + Pulau Besar