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Kiki Ando

Kiki Ando Japan born, moved to Melbourne, Kiki lived the art studio space and part of the foundry gallery. Her label called "l love my kunt" and her style of design are quirky and 'outsider' of the arts and fashion. In 2007, Kiki moved to Berlin to explore fashion, music and movie costumes in...
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Ida Ayu Gede Sasrani Widyastuti

Ida Ayu Gede Sasrani Widyastuti Ida Ayu Gede Sasrani Widyastuti was born in Gianyar in Bali. She graduated from Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar in Bali, Indonesia and currently works as a TV presenter in Trita (Bina Dance) program at Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) station in Bali. Her passion for arts led her to...
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Dianne Dixon

Dianne Dixon Dianne Dixon uses a variety of media including digital collage, film, animation and poetry to reflect her experience of growing up in a remote area of Victoria. For the last two years she has been combining historical film, video material and oral histories with her photographic and text-based work to interpret her...
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