Takashi Takaguchi

Takashi Takiguchi

Originally from Japan, Takashi is a Melbourne-based dancer, a creative producer and an event organiser. He is also a qualified social worker and worked with diverse group of socially disadvantaged people for past decade. Through grass root community development activities with people of homeless, refugees and asylum seekers, he re-discovered the power of arts as an inevitable and fundamental consciousness for all humankind – through rituals, creativity, self-investigation and re-connection with higher and inner self.  This has let him to write his grandmother’s war experience and created a performance piece titled, ‘To Live’ in 2015, and continue to develop the work in 2016.

He continuously trains with Tony Yap and Yumi Umiumare since 2012 with the first group performance at Light in Winter 2014 at Federation Square in Melbourne followed by Arts Island Festival in Indonesia (2014), Melaka Art and Performance (MAP)  Festival in Malaka, Malaysia (2014 & 2015), MAP Melbourne Australia (2014 & 2015).  He co-/produced butoh performance and workshop events in Melbourne by inviting Japanese Butoh masters, Seisaku, Yuri Nagaoka in 2015 and Katura Kan in 2016.  Currently, he is co-producing a performing arts festival in Pelem, East Java with Javanese and contemporary dancer, Agung Gunawan, and he works as an assistant organiser for 2016 MAP Delih and Melaka Art and Performance (MAP) Festival in Malaysia.