Siti Alsyamsari Abriyanti

Born in Jakarta, teaches art and culture in SMAN 1 Cileungsi. She is working on several works of the Betawi dance at the National Youth Jamboree Purna Prakarya Muda Indonesia. Jakarta contingent. Jakarta State University Alumni (UNJ) also provides a workshop on dance creations Betawi, with the aim of preserving the cultural traditions of Indonesia. One of them in the Court of Fatahilah Kota Tua Museum, Jakarta Convention Center for the Ministry of Youth and Sport. MAP 2014 was also followed as a team in doing Hijab Batik dance work. Currently, she is still active as head of the school in kindergarten Griya Sari and choreographer at Dance Home Ullualla. She choreographed the Government Program Book Abang None Jakarta (2015) and the Community Empowerment Base of Culture (2015).