Mic Guillaumes

Mic Guillaumes (France)

French born in Saigon (Vietnam); he lives in Morocco. His poetic images are inspired by the thoughts of philosophers and much more at the turn of his artistic journeys (Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Antilles- Guyana, Reunion, Denmark, Sweden, Sri Lanka, New Caledonia, Sumatra, Indonesia, Senegal , United States .. … etc.). His first contacts with expressionist and contemporary dance date from 1955 with Jacqueline Robinson. He works as a dancer in different companies (Cie Ballets de la Cite, Cie Suzan Buirge, Carolyn Carlson …) In France, he is a founding member of the dance in the public school for all (from kindergarten to university ) since the late 1970s; then artistic director of the festival “Danse au Coeur” In 1983 he created the company Cit├ęs

Danse. He works in collaboration with hip-hop culture dancers. Councilor Choreographic Research and Training at the National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle.