Agung Gunawan

Born in Central Java, graduated from the High School of Arts in Yogyakarta, he continued his studies of Yogyakartanese classical dance in Surya Kencana and at the Kraton (Palace) where he continues to perform. He studied other styles of traditional dance such as Sumatranese, Betawian and Kalimantan with Bagong Kusudiharjo and contemporary dance with Miroto.

He has toured with them in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Africa and Indonesia. With the Padepokan Seni Bagong Kusudiharjo, he has performed in Vermont, Boston and Washington DC in the USA. He is active in Indonesia with a contemporary music group led by the composer Vincent McDermott. Agung has worked as an assistant choreographer on ‘Opera Jawa’, a movie directed by Garin Nugroho.